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For SALE: Q1000NG + 660 Flash Probe + 808 Flash Probe$6,200 – SOLD

QPack - Shayna BronskyI purchased these from HealthBoss in 2012 and have never used them. All devices are still in the original packaging, along with a padded carrying case, 10 instructional videos (never opened), as well as two manuals. The entire kit is in factory condition.

Never used the equipment because my practice took a different direction.

I paid $8,340 for everything. Selling for $6,200 (each piece of equipment is also available separately).

Contact: Shayna at or Health Boss at 855-468-0033.


For SALE:  Q1000NG – $4,100

Q1000NG I am selling Q1000Ng that I just bought. After I ordered it, I did some more research on the health problems in my family, and I feel that the EX735 Slider is a better way to go in our situation. But it is expensive and I cannot afford both, so I am sacrificing the laser.

Since I just bought it, I am not discounting it much. Bought for $4,295 – selling for $4,100. Full warranty, case, user manual, and even bonus DVDs from HealthBoss (I bought a device through them). All brand new.

Contact: Valerie at – or HealthBoss at 855-468-0033.


For SALE:  (Q1000NG) + 660NG

Q1000NG+660NGI have a 660NG for sale (sorry, the Q1000 is already sold). I bought it new just over a month ago as a second set (I already have a Q1000NG, a 660NG, and an 808NG, and use them daily with great success). Thought I’d use it to rent out, but my business took a different turn.

I actually never used the units and have almost full warranty on them. They come with the User Manual, carrying case, and some training DVDs.

I bought the 660NG for $1,995. Contact me for selling prices.

Contact: HealthBoss for Seller’s information – All about SCENAR & COSMODIC ® – All about EX735Ag – All about DOVE scenar – Latest in Q-Lasers – Where Home Healers gather – Who We Are

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