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No drugs, no side effects, no complications.

Just The Healing Light of Soft Laser.

About Light Therapy

Ever since LIGHT appeared as the first creative act of God, as per Genesis 1, we associate it with goodness. Because of light, we can see; because of light, we can breathe oxygen; because of light, we have food.

It is light that powers up our bodies, and, as science is discovering now, it is light that our cells use for communication the most.

In essence, we are LIGHT BEINGS.

No wonder that light can HEAL and humankind knew it for centuries. Yet only the 20th century brought us a technology that can create and deliver to the body the most healing, COHERENT light (which means the light where waves are well synchronized, “in phase”).

The technology is called a LOW LEVEL LASER Cold Laser or Soft Laser).

Healing Effects

Low Level Laser Therapy works by directing a gentle beam of coherent light to the injury site.

On a CELLULAR LEVEL, it improves inter-cellular communication and “recharges the biological battery” in each cell by stimulating the production of ATP – an energy carrier in the cells of all known organisms.

On a LARGER SCALE, it increases local circulation and improves tissue oxygenation and nutrients delivery, allowing tissue to be more responsive and heal faster.

As a result, Low Level Laser Therapy quickly decreases pain and inflammation, increases the tissue’s ability to handle stress, and promotes fast and profound healing.

Uses of Low Level Laser

The Healing Light of Low Level Laser Therapy (Soft Laser Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy) is a healing modality with a sound scientific basis that has been studied and practiced by Europeans since the 1960’s, for over 30 years, for all aspects of physical medicine.

It has especially been used in  pain management  wound healing, and rehabilitation.

It has beneficial and lasting effects, therefore has become a locker room staple for Sports teams, and now it is working its way into Healthcare offices and even household in North America.

Users have successfully used Low Lever Laser Therapy for:

ADD • Allergies Arthritis • Asthma • Autism • Back & Shoulder Pain • Bone Healing • Burns • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Cartilage Regeneration • Cuts • Colds & Cold Sores • Diabetes 1 & 2 • Eye Disorders • Face Rejuvenation • Gingivitis • Hair Growth • Headaches • Hormonal Imbalance Immunodeficiencies • Migraines • Tennis Elbow • TMD/TMJ Smoking Cessation • Sprains • Sinusitis • Periodontal disease • Performance Enhancement • Wrinkles • Wound Healing • Whiplash • Age Spots! • Animals – and much more!  

  • Athletes are amazed by how it increases their performance.
  • Professional trainers are awed in how well it helps injuries to heal.
  • Massage Therapists use it to do their job better and save their thumbs, shoulders and backs.
  • Dentists use it to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort.
  • YOU can use it at home to eliminate pain and re-energize after a hard day,
  • YOU can use it to increase your performance in the office or on a sports field,
  • YOU can help your loved ones ease their pain “on the spot”. – All about SCENAR & COSMODIC ® – All about EX735Ag – All about DOVE scenar – Latest in Q-Lasers – Where Home Healers gather – Who We Are

How Can Low Level Laser Therapy

help my Patients & Practice?

“Low Level Laser therapy is exciting for doctors – not only for the results it delivers to patients,

but also for the benefits it gives to health practitioners”

- Dr. George Gonzalez, DC (Sept. 9, 2003 issue of Chiropractic Economics)

Low Level Laser (Soft Laser) Effect on the body

Low Level Laser (Soft Laser, Cold Laser) Therapy – overall increase in systemic energy resources and coherence level

These benefits include:

  • Efficiency. Low Level Laser therapy speeds up healing and reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Time Saving and Quick Results. Patients often feel better within minutes.
  • Safety. There NO complications or side effects reported from using Low Level Laser Therapy. It is just the Healing Light.
  • Body Saver. Low Level Laser helps prepare a patient for treatment, and you do not have to work as hard (especially if you are a body worker).
  • Easy to use. Simply turn on your Soft Laser and hold it on the area of complaint.
  • Growing Practice. Since the Low Level Laser Therapy is so easy, fast, effective, and pleasant, your patients will tell others about you!

Light Up Your Life with the Healing Light of Low Level Laser!


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Get FREE INSTANT ACCESSCellularHealingReportCover3D to the ARTICLE revealing the Secrets of Cellular Healing with Energy Healing Devices


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